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Area of scene of golden week Sichuan restores in the round, greet large quantiti
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11 golden weeks, travel of each scene area restores the Sichuan that has endured an earthquake to inflict heavy losses on in the round.

Hill of much celestial being of “ Sichuan country, it is difficult that high mountain eyebrow fars away a ” , those who say is the —— of world double bequest of famed far and nearArea of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow. Hill of Sichuan country celestial being, move plant kingdom, buddhism to let a tourist experience natural beauty not only scenic spot, also be experiencedHill of high mountain eyebrowDistinctive humanitarian color.

Yu of Liu Jie of reporter of happy hill stage: I am all ages temple of hill of high mountain eyebrow after one's death, everybody can feel from the spot the person here is enraged now is special flourishing.

Danish tourist: Very beautiful, I think the earthquake did not cause any changes to here, very beautiful really.

Mr Yang of Guizhou has been the 3rd comeHill of high mountain eyebrow travels, excellent service and beautiful scenery let him be profuse in praise.

Tourist poplar gentleman: Area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow manages first-rately, clean, wholesome, service quality is very good also, every time feels it is good to be compared.

Couple of Israel tourist Kochavi: This is a very beautiful place, be green everywhere, the plant of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, too mysterious. Put all impression that be here with camera rise, bring back it next home town, see these photographs are mixed later video when the good experience that can think of to be in China.

Yin of Sichuan stage reporter is noisy: Here isChannel of 9 stockaded villageA the most enchanting tourist attraction is multicoloured on the edge of the pool. View the past from here, had been to come on the edge of multicoloured pool a lot of tourists, they are here in succession group photo accept as a souvenir, the record leaves here most beautiful scene.

InChannel of 9 stockaded villageEach are big tourist attraction, a lot of tourists changed the clothing that has full-bodied Tibetian distinguishing feature, take a picture before beautiful scenery accept as a souvenir.

England defends newspaper reporter Jonathan. Fertile special: This I come to not be the job to here, I brought my mother and child, will see the force of this kind of nature and its charm namely.

Hu Jie of Sichuan stage reporter: I now is to be in area of Jiang Yan scene. We see today's weather has improved somewhat, the tourist also is in an endless stream.

After shake travel of area of Jiang Yan scene restores in the round, greet large quantities of visitors everyday.

Chongqing tourist: Scene area restores very well.

Sale of market of management board of district of river lasher scene is in Ji Yanli of deputy director general: From us present case understands, should be a lot of better than the circumstance in our expect. (Civil / CCTV)
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