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Area of 9 camp scene strengthens safety precaution of 11 golden weeks
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11 ” of “ the golden week is forthcoming, for cogent do good “ area of 11 ” golden week scene travels each safe production works, build auspicious, smooth travel environment to broad tourist, ensure each job between holiday date is begun smoothly. How to do by management board of channel of 9 stockaded village on September 12, 2008 take the lead, build canal of place, protection place, house to do in coordination, division of substation of full-time fire department, public security, fire control, guard company of place, sightseeing, combination to run official business main controller checks relevant section scene area began comprehensive, thorough, complete safety to be checked greatly. Be opposite especially safety of sanitation of safety of transportation of safety of landing stage of car battalion carry, a plank road built along a cliff, infrastructure, fire control safety, road, food, etc undertook checking, the safe hidden trouble that is aimed at discovery puts forward in time to rectify and reform measure, to discharging the problem that fish comes to, the spot fulfils deadline of specific responsibility department to undertake rectifying and reform, deadline is finished, jam from fountainhead safe flaw, eliminate all sorts of insecure factors in budding condition.

Scene division shows the staff member that add a group to enter scene area, the safe hidden trouble that gives to the examination in the round undertakes rectifying and reform, the clastic rock on seasonable cleared highway, a plank road built along a cliff and branch, face plate of a plank road built along a cliff of seasonable rehabilitate damaged, landing stage, ensure visit safety. Meanwhile, active aggrandizement teachs the job about the conduct propaganda of laws and regulations of the aseismatic law that decrease calamity, be on duty through sightseeing car announcer and scene area personnel explains the safe general knowledge about the earthquake to the tourist, enhance shock-proof consciousness of the tourist and shock-proof and safe common sense. Arrange relevant section on one hand, strengthen the safe go on a tour of inspection of scene area highway, a plank road built along a cliff, landing stage, discover the problem is rectified and reform in time, cogent eliminate safe hidden danger; Increase a tourist attraction to be on duty on the other hand personnel, how-to visit with dredge tourist safety, shop sign of safe cordon, label is installed in special a section of a highway. Increase scene area to be on duty of personnel and ambulance of rush to deal with an emergency patrol density, uphold order of scene area travel, aggrandizement scene area is timely monitoring, seasonable organization arranges tourist safety to be visited in order, ensure scene area “ is the safety between cycle of 11 ” gold, order, harmonious, stable.

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