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Sichuan Jiang Yan comes highway of plain of short of Wenshui River is formal be
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On September 2, 2008, when shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, the Dou Wen road that is played havoc with, through the rush to repair of 3 months, formal be open to traffic.
Click a picture to enter below one page Car goes up in Dou Wen road sail.

Lifeline of plain of short of Wenshui River shifts to an earlier date short of Wenshui River of be well versed in plain when earth shake happens, on this road, into piece into piece hill body breaks down collapse, 52 bridge are marred, it is dot of hidden trouble of mud-rock flow, barrier lake everywhere. But this highway that ever was thought “ just can repair a ” 3 years, fight bravely difficultly day and night through personnel of many 4000 construction, happen in the earthquake however only after 3 many months, realize all fronts be open to traffic smoothly. Tenacious and castiron Sichuan people, created again aseismatic the ” of miracle of “ China type that provide disaster relief. From now on, person of plain of short of Wenshui River comes home no longer difficult; Goods and materials of relieve the people in disaster is carried also need not bypass snow mountain; Those who shed next tear is the thousands of assault that comes from traffic, irrigation works, land and engineer army the hardships and dangers of 100 days of big decisive battle mixes team member —— each days painstaking, write on this special road with sweat.  

Defeat world difficult problem to create highway to build a miracle repeatedly

The road of 80% mars the whole line of Dou Wen road, cave in of 100 million stere earth stone, a section of a highway of 10 much kilometers is enclothed completely by the hill body of collapse, more than 50 bridge is damaged, 7 bridge break down completely collapse, dot of hidden trouble of unripe calamity of grade of coast of tens of body is in hill, mud-rock flow, barrier lake distributings two side, tall danger of slope of edge of roadbed of about a hundred place nods conceal at in …… this is Dou Wen highway in the earthquake the fundamental general situation at the beginning of. “ is centered so and annihilative highway is marred in home on highway history peerless, on the world very infrequent also. ” saves boundless of highway bureau director to say, in the begining, a lot of people come to grabbing Tong Yingxiu the highway of plain of short of Wenshui River lost confidence. Those who pass personnel of many 4000 construction is difficult fight bravely, only highway of Dou Wen of 3 many months with respect to all fronts be well versed in. “3 many the project that the month did ability below normal execution condition and intensity 3 years to finish, this is a miracle really. City of ” A dam appoint Chen Shunqing of propagandist department undersecretary plaints the ground says. Grab in connecting, still defeat solved difficult problem of a lot of world:
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