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Double shed the airport to install check time to turn over times passenger to sh
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Because install check to time is lengthened and did not catch up with a plane,“ has 10 guests before 9 o'clock this morning. ” because Chengdu double shed the airport to carry out experience abstruse airport brings check level, the passenger puts delay through bringing check rate, airline reminds a passenger to shift to an earlier date 2 hours to reach the airport, because wait to install check and miss a scheduled flight,avoid, be in especially morning, midday, evening is good leave a port airliner fastigium.

Ground of boat southwest branch serves the country relevant personage introduces the ministry yesterday, every passenger after upgrading installed check time to increase than before one times the left and right sides, especially after all passengers execute a shoe to check, rate is special decelerate. Yesterday morning only country boat Chengdu leaves a port because install check norms to upgrade to time is lengthened and did not catch a scheduled flight,the airliner has 10 guests, because many airliners wait to part to the passenger to close port 5—9 late late minute differ. Especially the CA4467 airliner that Chengdu flies to Xi Chang, there are 22 to do not have unexpectedly in many 50 passenger in all punctual arrive board the plane mouth, airliner must incur loss through delay 5 minutes. Although the civil aviation bureau sets clearly to airliner responsibility is missed to be assumed by him passenger because of bringing check matter during the Olympic Games, but arrive to evening passenger, country boat undertook inside capacity limits the appropriate such as the airliner deals with changing signing sequel. Boat reminds the country the passenger seizes the opportunity to reach the airport ahead of schedule certainly during the Olympic Games again accordingly, board the plane to deal with formalities and take quite enough time through installing check.

Comply with country ensures the demand of airliner on schedul energetically during Olympic Games of civil aviation bureau, boat southwest branch is in the country before the airliner takes off 2 hours to begin to deal with board the plane formalities.

Origin: China on the west Metropolis Daily


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