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The ethical culture of channel of 9 stockaded village
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Of long standing and well established people culture

Bag word channel of 9 stockaded village inside the area of upper reaches of river of Jia Lingjiang, Min, ground that calling an ancient nationality in China Qiang, the human activity that has historical account comes early Yan Shang. Ground of Tibetian inhabit a region is namely since channel of 9 stockaded village is long-term, the Tibetian culture with bright distinguishing feature of mysterious dignified, terrain and bizarre landscape scene dissolve are an organic whole, bring out the best in each other.

The ancestor of the Tibetian inside channel of 9 stockaded village is the tribe of Russia the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that lives in music of Gansu Province Ma to be taken, belong to a party formerly Qiang cover medicine is raised, be submitted oneself to the rule of by Tibetan regime in ancient China after. When Dong Zheng of Tang Chu Tibetan regime in ancient China, soft support does cloth to be a pioneer with its, occupational pine city (loose Pan) hind its tarry place, the ministry of Russian the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that is on white riverside among them and white horse ministry form alliance,

Channel of 9 stockaded village looks from district, be in Cang Hanqiang to answer those who wait for multiracial culture to hand in collect an area, consequently the Tibetian culture of channel of 9 stockaded village also took the impress that its lead ethical article confluence to affect. It is with the building Tibetan stockaded village inside channel exemple, with western what dweller Tibetan an area differs apparently is, on the foundation of village Tibetan type and house layout, used Chinese formula generally wrap around, hang down flower of part of style, post, become warped the processing such as door of house part, round hole. In addition, general buy white stone is in at parapet corner or on lintel of lintel, window, with the Qiang nationality of and other places of county of luxuriant county, plain of short of Wenshui River, manage the “ Baishi of civilian house adores ” to happen to have the same view.

Benzene of believe in of Tibetian of channel of 9 stockaded village teachs, tibetan words calls “ benzene wave ” , it is a kind of of be current of Tibetian ancient time primitive religion formerly, common says black (benzene) religion, water of mountain forest of believe in heaven and earth lustre the divine spirit demon that waits for nature, —— Lamaism teachs the influence because of sufferring Cang Chuanfo after, achieved doctrine teaching natural science newly, evolve into a denomination that gives similar Cang Chuanfo to teach, common says white (benzene) religion, the Huang Jiao of mainstream denomination —— that teachs in order to show with Cang Chuanfo (Gelupa) , red religion (Ning Ma is sent) wait to be distinguished. Benzene teaching is affected in Sichuan Tibet area bigger.
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