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The culture of history Tibetan Qiang of rich and colorful
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History of A dam state is long, of long standing and well established, historical culture rich and colorful, bright is dazzing. The Qinghai-Tibet Platean transition to Sichuan basin is located in here on the region, churchyard group peak alarm stands erect, gully freely, vegetation is lush, water and soil is rich, the prairie is extensive, resourceful, for ancient time agriculture, nomadic provided relatively good existent land and change apprentice room, formed connection northwest, southwest since ancient times plain northwest nation corridor, also be the contends for surely ground of past dynasties military strategist in ancient China at the same time. Archaeology data makes clear, be in early 10 thousand to there is the mankind to live here before 8000 multiply, already spread all over each district of entire administrative division to the relics of culture of new stone vessel before 3000 4000, be plain the principal home that Xi Shuwen turns. Period of age the Warring States, here not only be pregnant with the sarcophagus bury culture that descendants spreads all over southwest, in the world the “ that occupies significant position is occupied on building history culture of Qiong basket ” , and the lustre source ground that still is culture of grave of Sichuan Chinese acting cliff. Since Qin Han, as central dynasty the ceaseless development of regnant force is mixed strengthen, of advanced civilization a large number of swarming into, make this one area moves toward prosperity further. Dimension of ginger of period of the Three Kingdoms stations troops hereat, tang Song two period the military affairs that is the same as prolonged of dynasty of Tibetan regime in ancient China confronts each other, ming Dynasty is a large number of castles that strengthen a military affairs to control and build in Min river upper reaches, clear Dai Qianlong year the battle ” of the “ size Jin Chuan between and the “ improve the soil that carry out subsequently return shed improve the soil of ” , “ to put in collect ” policy 's charge, the progress that promoted society of this one area on different level and economy grow.

Although years already elapsed, full of stains or spots can take an examination of, the tourist attraction of cultural relic of 650 more than place that spreads all over each district of entire administrative division is a proof. It never be the same as account of flank, different point of view the change of vicissitudes of life that A dam city comes to thousands of years and Tibetan Qiang are answered Chinese detailed of Lu La of Bi of every nationality people, break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties, mutual promote, joint development, create the hard course of effulgent archaic civilization, become a to shine distinctly beautiful humanitarian scenery line.

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