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Village of culture of folk-custom of channel of 9 stockaded village
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The tree that village of culture of folk-custom of channel of 9 stockaded village is located in seaside of Shu Zhengqun of center of area of indoor scene of channel of 9 stockaded village inside stockaded village. Here scenery is beautiful and attractive, there is a tree on chute, there is Shu Zhengqun below the sea, lie Longhai and scintilla sea. There is primitive tree below stockaded village mill, never stop the ground to rotate for motivation with water.

Village of folk-custom of channel of 9 stockaded village only then built 1996, she sucks the elite of heaven and earth, the spirit of accept nature scene is angry, be born in this world elfland. The tenet of culture village is travel recieves a service. Her market takes, live, buy, amusement, view and admire for an organic whole, serve guest of Yu Hai inside and outside.

Current, the bed between the level that brings toilet is set inside the village 1041, bed of luxurious mountain villa Tibetan type 45, dining-room 3, can welcome 1200 much people at the same time one reinstate eat. Culture village is global guest makes a sightseeing tour, good place of a when be away for the summer holidays recreational, travel stays the most perfect, optimal.

The humanitarian landscape with folk-custom grumous characteristic still sets inside culture village: Stockaded village door, stockaded village advocate history, exhibition of medicine of Shi Cai of spin treatment, business, cultural relic and religion imprint the project such as classics, visit for the guest look around. It is here old and typical Tibetian village, having long history and full-bodied amorous feelings. It showed scene of the corporeal culture of people of Tibetian of channel of 9 stockaded village and mental culture systematically. Folk-custom culture village is conduct propaganda not only bequest of culture of history of Tibetan a group of things with common features, promote a nation the position of outstanding culture, also be promotional the bridge of each nation solidarity and global guest friendship.

In the evening, folk-custom culture village prepared to bake evening party of complete sheep bonfire for you. The wonderful act that art of professional folk-custom amorous feelings performs a row makes you big feast one's eyes on. Tibetian girl and boy dedicate with beautiful and enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained, moving downy dance appearance your white hada. Drink wine of a cup of highland barley please, offer tea of on one bowl of ghee, let you appreciate Tibetian people to entertain a guest the affection of igneous pattern.

Bake guest of village of boiler of complete sheep, bonfire, actor to be the same as with dance happy make you return to nature, stream stay to forget to return repeatedly, lifelong and unforgettable.

Song Wu Xi, come! Friend, the lofty spirit of a nation that invites folk-custom culture guides you to pass through spatio-temporal, those who move toward the soul is Elysian, make us collective be intoxicated and pure.
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