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Evening party of channel of 9 stockaded village
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At nightfall, chorus of art of folk of channel of 9 stockaded village performs a field, the actress that wears dress of bright-coloured the Qiang nationality people rank both sides, greet the visitor the hall with enthusiastic applause, bright smile, one wears the put the palms together of small bonze both hands of cassock, send falling-rising tone sound the blessing for the guest, passion reveals culture of people Tibetan Qiang.

The guest takes a seat, have slender, dignified girl elegant and to, deliver black tea, yak the flesh and highland barley wine to you, small tea table puts before every seat, make your unlike is to watching a show, be in however be a guest, let you sampling pull with the left and right sides in typical refreshments Tibetan type pull arrange in order of the daily life of a family, appraise friendship of way of restful, way.

Contend for in colored lantern colourful, when applause and cheerful voice salvo, the girl that wears ethical dress, hand to hold choiceness censer in both hands comes to you before, the cigarette that the cedar in furnace sets off, rise gradually, give guest feek giddy transcendental and free from vulgarity uncanny sense. When that special fragrance tangy and when coming, as if besides place oneself Yu Fanchen, aerosol is together day, ground, person repeatedly, everything in the heart is in … of sublimate of this one instant…

“ Yellow River is far go up between Bai Yun, city of a Gu hill of 10 thousand an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, why must Qiang flute complain willow, spring breeze does not spend jade door to close ” , one of actor of the Qiang nationality is as long as 4 minutes not of take a breath fluted, rising and falling mild and indirect, sodorous in go out fully magnificent, take the person head of Yellow River of “ Long Laiqiang, boundless dust settled in journey the ancient history of ” of a few a thousand years.

On the evening party, much appearance is colorful and the ” of village of boiler of “ Tibetan Qiang that has distinguishing feature alone attracted everybody to participate in. Dance person leading dance of from time to time becomes circle, from time to time is kicked sufficient jump into wild goose travel, from time to time folds roll into posse into cascade of snail shape layer, look be like messy have Zhang Ke follow however, jump to glad when, ample voice of stamp one's foot, cry out sound, push ” of “ boiler village to the climax.

Interesting is to participate in ” of tug-of-war of scarf of sexual program “ , peculiar tug-of-war looks style makes a person excited unceasingly, the award after triumph is more only then expect not as good as, champion of adv unimaginably ——— will make groom to Qiang stockaded village, accept the peculiar blessing of young men and women. One of the person of the same trade is become “ bridegroom ” . “ bride ” is very the girl of the Qiang nationality of charming Rou Meili, in the public eye, ground of exuding tenderness and love through eyes of “ bride ” sent an elegant Tibetan knife to make the thing that decide affection. “ bridegroom ” carries “ bride ” on the back bravely, in numerous youth men and women cluster round below, sent bridal chamber. This kind has a song to dance has the show of affection, turn the evening party to the climax again.
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