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Culture of Tibetian of channel of 9 stockaded village
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Tibetian culture, broad and profound, of long standing and well established. 500 years ago, of channel of 9 stockaded village first civilian people from distant " world " of the 3rd class - - migrate in Tibetan A so far, forever, multiply haunt, cooperate hand in hand with the Qiang nationality all round, the Hui nationality, the Han nationality, created distinctive Kangbawen to change.

Up to now, espouse of funeral of the basic necessities of life of person of channel of 9 stockaded village, marriage and producer type, still maintaining full-bodied and the Tibetian of of primitive simplicity is traditional: Elegant dress, the broadsword of agile and brave, sweet mellow highland barley wine, crisp tea-oil tree, white hada, lively step dance, dovish 2 oxen carry a coffin on stout poles, it is the ablaze love with vivid opposite; Everywhere Manidui, topping lama tower, do not cease circularly turn classics annulus, be pair of religion is devotional.

Below treasure ytterbium cliff be like,plunge into temple, flying Ge Liudan, morning bell dusk is roused, solemn and respectful lofty, it is to build Yu Mingmo's Tibet to pass benzene to teach fane, annual " fine quick king clear " and temple fair " of " Ma Zi, divine and grand. It is all round channel of 9 stockaded village, tibetan Qiang is answered Chinese each nation gets along well, promote each other, flourish jointly: The brilliant caballero on the meadow, the Huis of mosque prostrate, of big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of Min river bank send a person, sip alcoholic drink and boiler village, watchtower and Qiang flute, a compose the song of a rising and falling nation confluence.

Below Bao Jingyan, by emerald river, green shade there is a building in setting off one another group, this is the only religious activity place inside channel of 9 stockaded village----Be like,plunge into temple. This temple builds Yu Mingmo, historical migrant. Cover an area of an area to be 15 thousand square metre formerly, structural choiceness, the characteristic is outstanding, have ethical color. Whole structure group include bedroom of bonze of the building of classics of audience hall, Tibet, happy stage, room, storeroom, building that greet a visitor, Lama to wait for 7 parts. Fastigium gold is very flashy, indoor carpet is luxurious, chromatic figure of Buddha is majestic and divine. There is lama inside the temple 3 people, bonze more than 100 people.

At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 5 it is to plunge into the " that is like a temple temple fair of " of fine quick Wang Qing, teach famous Lama Parinirvana be raised to the skies originally for souvenir, this day should arrive except bonze of complete temple Lama in temple outside recite scriptures, local Tibetian masses also should change clean dress to arrive fane pay homage to, mix in order to express oneself to sincere earnest of religion of the heart holy. Annual " Ma Zi will be met in May " , it is to plunge into the religious grand ceremony that is like a temple. Before the meeting 3 days, bonze of complete temple Lama should center recite scriptures of fane be a vegatarian for religious reasons, rehearse program. On May 1, the loose Pan all round channel of 9 stockaded village, lid that be like Er, bag, the Tibetan of and other places of Tibet of large collection, tower, Long Kang, to the top of one's bent dress and make up dresses up, be like,the party is plunged into fane, join celebration, give hada, watch Tibetan opera show. Next in threes and fours is dispersedly in emerald riverside, loose woods, on the ground and sit, simple toast, in all appraise friendship. Young men and women criterion in pairs is right, enter close Lin Shen to be in, solemn pledge of love, order oneself lifelong.
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