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The nation is no-no
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Tibetian is no-no

The contraindication with the biggest Tibetian is to kill unripe, the Buddhist of be initiated into monkhood be initiated into monkhood is in this respect is more strict. Although eat bovine hotpot, but not with one's own hands butcher.

Encounter fane, Manidui, tope to wait must discontinue, and from left toward right circuitous, this wave teachs belief criterion from right circuitous.

When entering cloister, abstain from smoking, feel figure of Buddha, translate the Confusion classics, sound that ring a bell. The religious implements such as the amulet that wears to lama, beads, must not start work more touch. Hush wants inside cloister, the body when seating wants decorous, avoid by all means takes the place of Living Buddha.

Avoid makes a racket around fane, hunt and kill casually unripe.

Avoid is received with single hand give article. When host pours tea, the guest must use double handgrip teacup forward bend goes out, in order to express respect.

Avoid is in the horse of fasten ox, fasten, place that encircles a sheep relieve oneself.

Must not start work the hair of fumble Tibet afterbirth and cap.

Avoid is become with the paper that Tibet asks toilet paper or brush a thing.

After entering the v/arc accountant's office that hides afterbirth, sit maly left, sit femaly right, must not jumbly and sit.

Avoid throws bone Yu Huozhong.

When there are patient or Fu schoolgirl Yo in Tibetian home, number was made before the door, some gives birth to one caboodle fire outside the door, some is inserted in the doorway on branch or Tie Yigong list, enter outside see this sign, do not enter casually.

Tibetan afterbirth does not eat meat of piscine shrimp, dog and asinine meat commonly, do not persuade to feed constrainedly, but habit of this kind of food already was changed stage by stage now.
Every average per capita has fierce day and auspicious day. Fierce meridian, all things cannot be done, can be only in the home recite scriptures or go out face Buddha, people believes to the 2nd the each n cease of lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality, n is in the begining fierce year, 13 years old when be like everybody, 25 years old, 37 years old, 49 years old (with this analogize) , it is fierce year or ” of “ the end of the year, want particularly careful) , only ability of much recite scriptures, much alms giving avoids disaster.

[The Hui nationality is no-no]

The Hui nationality has strict dietary habit and contraindication. Birds of general choice “ feeds cereal, animal to feed careless ” , and appearance not greedy and lazy, hoof divides not deformed, sex valve can the ox of regurgitation, sheep, camel, hare, deer, roe, chicken, duck, goose, wild goose, sparrow, fish, shrimp to feed, and divide the beard outside aquatic product content read aloud “ stage to think of rice ” , the butcher that break larynx square but edible. The whale of ferociousing shark of snipe of boa of rat of cat of dog of pig of mule of bear of leopard of wolf bug tiger, ass, fox, eagle blood with wine, animal belongs to abstinence content.
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