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Kang Balin of channel of 9 stockaded village blocks a hotel (guesthouse of 4 sta
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Kang Balin of channel of 9 stockaded village blocks · village of amorous feelings of 9 stockaded village is by Sichuan industry of buy of airport of yellow dragon of 9 stockaded village grows limited company to invest build, collect is recreational, go vacationing, sightseeing, shop, meal, amusement is happy the public house of house of type of gardens of 4 stars class of an organic whole. The hotel is located in Zhang of channel of 9 stockaded village to plunge into a town, green hill is depended on south, north draws near Bai Shuihe, be apart from Chengdu 430 kilometers, be apart from 9 yellow airports 70 kilometers, be apart from mouth of channel of 9 stockaded village only 2 kilometers.

Hotel by 6 royal wind model community of building of style Tibetan Qiang is formed, they are case mulberry cabinet, Za Xige, De Jige, Da Jiege, Ze Wangge and Ni Mage respectively. The Chinese means of these floor space titles is grand carry pawn, lucky, happy, prosperous, natural chasteness and sun, the blessing with the good to coming from the honoured guest of world each district host that they are representing a public house. On this foundation, the host of the hotel still prepared 10 place to provide the natural landscape of characteristic and humanitarian landscape alone for expensive guest. : ” of blessing of pray of “ wind horse, “ Ma civilian turn Qiang of Tibet of ” of sunshine of singing and dancing of ” of jade of have diarrhoea of flying rainbow of ” of lovemaking of Lin Ka of heart ” of paddle ” of classics ” , “ Bu Chan, “ Gu Daolian, “ , “ , “ , “ offers as a gift charm. What have rich people distinguishing feature in such happiness is aureate and manorial in, you can spend a paragraph of unforgettable time.

The hotel has 200 (set) the showily guest room Tibetan type that provides facilities of 8 kinds of high-grade livings: Between the delicate mark of contracted style Tibetan wind, the romantic sun room with the luxurious flatlet of the wind of noble Tibetan the home and peerless channel of 9 stockaded village.

The hotel has coffee of assembly room of the dining room Tibetan type that provides characteristic round food, small-sized business affairs, characteristic, complete function is recreational shop of business of specialty of recreational city, travel and self-help supermarket. Kang Balin blocks gardens to condense scene of nature of channel of 9 stockaded village, reveal amorous feelings of nation of Tibet, Qiang, Zong Douwen to change landscape, natural landscape and humanitarian landscape. Tourist enters garden area, scene move along with the person, the person is followed scene move, meantime of thrust deep into the enemy forces, little bridge, running water, fold spring, ancient course, a picture scroll of beautiful scene of Cang Jiazhuang garden all stops eye ground.

The world has channel of a 9 stockaded village only, channel of 9 stockaded village has a Kangbalinka only. It is one place strong beautiful forest, aureate manorial, a grandiose palace, it is one party is lucky more east earth ……
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