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Chengdu swims to 9 stockaded village traffic chooses information
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Had swum the friend of channel of 9 stockaded village knows, the time that spends on the road is not little, and the relation that reacts as a result of hill road outflank and highland, make what person generation differs complain. Oneself just therefrom come back, oneself designed line of the unwearied when a province, the point of view that presses economy very it's hard to say. But offer reference only just, suit self-help to swim quite.

I am multiply in Chengdu in the morning 7: The airlines of 15 flies 9 yellow airports, 45 minutes, basically can arrive at many o'clock at 8 o'clock (want beware of Chengdu to have fog easily nevertheless, very difficult punctual take off) . The person is not too much can consider include a taxi below the circumstance, (I am the car that books company of 9 brigade taxi ahead of schedule) the price divides weak flourishing two season, I now is to belong to Tan Ji, it doesn't matter comes loose guest, talk about good value 350 yuan. My 350 yuan journey is go directly by the airport channel of 9 stockaded village reachs again after Huang Long plays. The airport wants 1 many hour to Huang Long's road, the master on the road's tourist attraction of introductory along the road, climate, height above sea level, can nice place jockeys Ka Ca. If have the friend of downy reaction, oneself suggest to be able to be bought combine juice of profess to convinced of red red-spotted stonecrop enough, if the body at ordinary times endurance still goes need far from. It doesn't matter blocks a car up to should not arrive at 11 o'clock Huang Long, the master can wait below, come so also need not oneself carry baggage on the back, can take part in a battle with light packs. Hour of 3——4 of general You Huanglong is enough, the hotel of mouth of channel of channel of 9 stockaded village can go directly after coming down. Nevertheless, all the way I came up against 3 kinds of weather (sweater, umbrella is taken surely) , it is to be in first plain advocate the temple is a cloudy day, rain was come up against to add snow when opening Xue Baoding next, the sun goes out when going to 9 to bend, abrupt a clear sky 10 thousand lis, special those who be at ease is piece of master road-sense pretty good, the service is meticulous and considerate, mandarin standard, optimistic and conversable, the car is clean the person is wholesome, take his car not to cover tightly, 2 many hours were used probably on the road, to channel mouth had been at 5 o'clock half, find a place for good accommodation (accommodation is not very nervous, recommend brigade of youth of other people of careless root of channel of 9 stockaded village to abandon 0837-7764926, clean, kiss and) , can have a meal around channel mouth, should take care nevertheless by person behead, pretty is much blacker of inn, (over there those who the home calls “ Chongqing chaffy dish ” is black inn, meet behead person especially) , the proposal should rest earlier in the evening, can swimming the following day channel of 9 stockaded village from time to tome abundant physical strength.
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