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9 stockaded village let a person lose the place of language
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Come back from 9 stockaded village, the friend asks me the feeling of 9 stockaded village, want to go presumably, have a word only: 9 stockaded village, one lets a person lose the place of language.

Management department arranges channel of 9 stockaded village swim law, always let me remember to the ability way of the plum is painted in traditional Chinese painting. The plum is the common theme in traditional Chinese painting, the hour sees the uncle is being compared " a book on the art of drawing or painting of mustard seed garden " draw Mei Lanzhu chrysanthemum, in the bottom of the heart also with respect to keep a law of faint the ability that draw a plum. Spread rice paper, the chapped law the method of showing the shades and texture of rocks and mountains by light ink strokes in traditional Chinese landscape painting that uses water Chinese ink first gives limb, next reoccupy vermilion, the density on careful place has send, or the wintersweet of in full bloom or in bud. And swim “ bifurcation ” 9 stockaded village, wanted to get on the travel sightseeing car inside scene area first, the car is seen on the way scene, each beautiful lake, size is differ, the distance of apart differs, the bunch bunch wintersweet that goes up like Mei Shugan really, but do not get off, resemble really first chapped brushstroke limb, the end till channel a bit one aspect of the matter. Next again the end from channel a bit one aspect of the matter is returned, get off just now right now, see carefully ceaseless round each lake. Big lake, surrounded circle nature is a few bigger, asing if is the wintersweet tuft of in full bloom; Small lake, surrounded circle nature is a few smaller, as if the wintersweet dot that is in bud on withe, do not know whether this analogy is appropriate. Management department is arranged so swim law, the likelihood is to consider from channel end a bit wander downward, tourist is likely more save labour a few. But I feel to still have a profit, that is what go up in sightseeing car you look so that be born in the heart to itch, trice the appetite of tourist, think really fierce child plunge into get off come, look after all.

Without commonplace doubt, 9 stockaded village are the most beautiful still is water. I can see the beauty of 9 stockaded village that had water must let a person break language, cannot envisaging the 9 stockaded village that do not have water however can be what appearance.

The water of 9 stockaded village, the United States is in color. After treating each lake, I do not know her impression is of what appearance really. Water is blue look on sightseeing car, get off come, look up see the sun on projectile lake, the person alternates a little visual angle, blue was decomposed instantly those who differ is azure, green blue, indigotic, deep blue, peacock cyanite is blue, blue a variety of, a few kinds blue among transfer color is more ineffable. The green tree on the side of lake, in red tree and lake of green hill investment, inverted image changed again the color of lake, added a few blueness, a few green when to mix red. The weather sunshine of 9 stockaded village is some more this year, the tree of all over the mountains and plains is not red still, if the tree is red, the water of that 9 stockaded village perhaps won't again with Lawei fundamental key, reckon all sorts of red want to take view. Take a few steps, the color that sees water becomes yellow, it is to rectify individual plant withered tree to fall in water so, the yellow after fade drops a skin is truncal mirrors circumjacently water becomes yellow. Go forth again, in maize water how much the “ hill ” of a white? Look up look, a Bai Yun, presenting glyph of ” of hill of a “ right now, in greeting water, had the “ hill ” of a white. White Yun Zheng is depasturing leisurely in the sky the mood, free land coils easy is worn ease is interesting, also make the same score for this water added a few minutes carefree, a few minutes of ease are interesting, a when remember the friend ever recommended me suddenly " cloud water " music special, that rising and falling traditional stringed and woodwind instrument is in mind together, answering right now scenery, it is “ cloud from inadvertently water from idle ” , still be “ current not heart contest, the cloud cares about all late ” , make be in me among them to cannot differentiate carefully one by one personally.
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