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The photographer has a good swim scenery of deep feeling of yellow dragon of 9 s
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Nan is a photographer, like and was used to the Wei bank that shows nature with camera and mystery. All the time since, her life need colour comes fill. After becoming a roommate with Nan, originally pure I tonal, also become bright and gorgeous rise. We are different administrative levels ground is liking travel, the to travel angle of Nan results from she is right natural infatuation, and my languid is lazy follow to travel swims for leisurely merely live. So, annals is different, path mix however we encountered accompany from casual look and go.

Once I had asked her: “ Nan, why can you like to follow my person of the same trade? I do not know beautiful artistic quality. ”“ although you do not know aesthetic, but you have an eye for, you can discover its extraordinary before scene, an a few travel, your insight makes me amazed, but also make me ecstatic, what so I like to you are accompanied is itinerary! The word instead of ” Nan makes me amazed, these myself never had discovered.

During be in a daze, heard again, does “ have other arrangement this week? ”“ is done not have! ”“ is good, go together yellow dragon of 9 stockaded village, our below one station! ”“ ! ” yes, it is such condition, it is she offers every time, she guides, she explains, it is I am accepted every time, my follow, I am absorbed. But our those is cherished adequately here and enjoy such life. Clear away travelling bag, our immediately sets out.

Let what I headache arrive from start namely all the time the ” of this “ journey among terminus, what always want to obliterate in the memory that travels every time is this paragraph, the plane always lets my be unable to stand, and aboard, nan always tosses the data of area of my a few scene, mad dizzy! I can use those data building a face to sleep greatly commonly! Left a plane, we take a car to leave for channel of 9 stockaded village, be close to channel of 9 stockaded village more, experience full-bodied Tibetian amorous feelings more, appeared on the way yak, white tower, manidui, the Xiaolou that fir builds.

Of the elfland between “ somebody praise channel of 9 stockaded village, be located in Sichuan to save churchyard of county of the level ground austral northwest ministry, it is Min mountain mountain range a depth in clump of 10 thousand hill the gully valley of 40 more than kilometer, gross area has 60 thousand much hectare, because of all round 9 Tibetian village is on among them and get a name. Channel of 9 stockaded village belongs to natural groove guard, still basically maintaining savagery, see beautiful and attractive natural prospect everywhere. ” Nan is introducing channel of 9 stockaded village, I am foolish so foolish that laughing, because Nan knows I am essential,did not view those data that she gives.

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