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Inside area of 9 camp scene 2008 travel strategy
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On the satellitic picture of Google Earth, when move the look from Sichuan basin of green northwest square, see only continuous group of Shan Ziping ground unexpectedly cock, occasional has the summit to enclothing pure white Bai Xue, long and thin blue river from Campagna of the flow direction between the valley. Loosen in channel of 9 stockaded village, Ping Wuhe have a common boundary of Pan San county, altitude is distributinging in mountain range of many meters of 2000 lofty 3 channel cereal, accomplished ” of classical “ world fairy tale channel of 9 stockaded village.

Rose on April 1, 2008, beauty spot of channel of 9 stockaded village will cancel 2 times to avoid the policy of entrance ticket into channel, collect total value entrance ticket to receiving channel excursive visitor the 2nd times, plus effective that day ¥ 90 sightseeing ticket, this makes every much the cost that lingers one day nots allow to ignore. How can just be limited time is immanent the beautiful scenery that discovers you need inside the cereal of Y form channel of nearly 60 kilometers, this became to plan to learn as a whole almost. The following, we will offer a day to swim for you, 2 days swim, 3 days of swimming circuit arrangement offer reference.