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Winter heaven, magical 9 stockaded village, do not want to forget me please
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A drizzly mirage, the cat takes a nap on the bed. Since restoring to grow, oneself feel body situation takes a favourable turn apparently. But began insomnia again recently, before dawn 34 o'clocks of mind are clear bright idea is sensitive. The doctor is signed - cellular organization suffers heart head blood-vessel achieve, saying is to be in one's childhood in woman close abdomen too piquant bring about! Damage I already 25 years superabundant. . .

These two days of Beijing's cold collapse is fragile, the snow in weather forecast arrives heavy snow, also did not fall, should fall to Zhou Er really? Won't so unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease …… mood is extremely depressed, the phone looks for those fox friend to go ski, my talk about again and again a lot of a lot of skiing, it is at the beginning of 2008, lend A Guitong learned arrangement, achieve what one wishes. Must say, the Totally drop with this true sport does not suit me, old now woman abhors this motion! Because tumble,not be, however because, carrying a shoe to climb slope the repeatability link bad news of this kind of necessity is smooth my much physical strength, let the fun that I did not glide completely. Additional, lease ski suit is honest too smelly ……

To compensate me, a Gui decides to accompany me to go Sichuan travels, will alleviate mental pressure, 2 will can help sb to fulfill his wishes old earnest wish (those who listen to armour of the Er in the look is magical 9 stockaded village, fetch swims early to channel of 9 stockaded village) , 3 come well hold a memorial ceremony for issues him all the time very the mouth of try to make a good showing and stomach child (go to work eating box meal, did not get what gastric disease, do not have young woman of be a burden on, chengdu is delicious so much, so. . )

15 days: A Gui delivered in the morning afternoon country the plane ticket of boat 5: 20 flying Chengdu, that Chengdu that still stays before 4 years to the impression of Chengdu goes, to hot thing especially deep, there is steam in the small shop of each lights brightly lit, burning singing facile and graceful is in every corner. Love comes out to lay the Sichuan person of eating house in the late evening, before a home surrounds the chaffy dish that sits in boiling, be fumed redly by steam attack on the face that attack, be permeated with joyance and joy. Cross chaffy dish inn, it is OK to be in like Gu Fang in little room sample to the top of one's bent the acerbity hot pink of Sichuan. Young fellow is holding the accent of one's native place of dense, from hind hall the hot pink that moving back and forth to carry a bowl of Gong Gong, root root fine pink sends out below his agitate the sweet smell that gives a Zhen Qin bazoo, relaxed acid is hot in having an opening. A Gui's friend is leaving that borrowed to destroy a car in the evening (explanation: This car does not ring besides a place, other place is noisy, the hair that more abominable is my hard-earned hangs one big chunk) send us to the airport, avoided stream of people of next time airport line extremely tall and the issue that delays a scheduled flight, we exerted oneself for Beijing Olympic Games again, hahahahaha. The plane that the country goes prepared to descend in Chengdu at 8 o'clock double shed the airport, took baggage to walk out of, weather should be gotten warm up than Beijing much, but of north wind now.. blow! Current the most serious problem is to look for a local stop on the way for a rest, otherwise belle becomes yellow really facial mother-in-law, the window buys a ticket, went up airport bus, look like me to be familiar with very much. . . A Gui is obliged to leave a baggage in the car one is put on board, who calls him is man Le.
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