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Winter watchs snow to channel of 9 stockaded village
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In the winter, do not have the enchanting of colour forest, those who do not have lake is flowery, come out plumbic China and channel of blatant 9 stockaded village, suiting to go attentively fine fine savour. Chain of mountains and woods are gotten by the flying snow add details to a painting of hold up person already silver-coated, jade tree is full of tender feelings of all the different kind in glacial flower; The glacial layer on blue lake face is in the difference in temperature of sunrise sunset, irregular change gives wonderful glacial grain; Between the chute that ice coagulates, fine thin flow gives out babbling Le Sheng, that does not catch the beauty of the Jing world of fine dirt, let a person plaint the magical good luck of nature.

In everybody's impression, channel of 9 stockaded village is a collect emerald green sea, fold waterfall, colour forest, snow mountain and Tibetian folk-custom culture the fairy tale world at an organic whole, but the channel of 9 stockaded village that very few somebody knows a winter also is having extremely moving amorous feelings. Arrive from airport of channel of 9 stockaded village of mouth of channel of channel of 9 stockaded village all the way, downy sky becomes without the chill because of weather haze, the azure blue below the shine upon in aureate sunshine is clinking. Silvan end, yin Fengyu column, point to blue sky continuously, was full of holy beauty. On the way the fragrance of the full-bodied crisp tea-oil tree in flying classics long narrow flag and sky, the heart that lets a person still feels filar silk warm desire in frozen winter.

Walk into channel of 9 stockaded village, have different view all the way. Altitude 2250 meters Shu Zhengqun sea, although arrived,winter also won't freeze, surface goes out as the different extensive of benthic deposit green, blue, green wait for different colour and lustre, flowery and clinking. If not be,the if wind is followed like catkin,flutters dot in sky nods snowflake, you can forget you are the 9 camp that sentence a winter personally really. Arrived altitude the lake such as the arrow bamboo sea of 2600 meters of above, lens sea, green lake begins to form the white ice cube with all sorts of appearance, differ thickness on water, what some resembles shedding the cloud, some to be put on the ice like filar garrulous …… like hada, some is glittering and translucent the dark green and mutual set off with water, fine interesting day is become. And arrived 3100 meters long sea brings height above sea level, can appreciate silver-coated northland view, lake face is frozen the thickest can achieve 5 meters, ice-skating to do not have a problem.

And the chute in the winter is more wonderful. Chute packed up Nuorilang the boundless imposing manner of season of her Chun Xia, reincarnate the fairy that becomes a whiteness, with configuration the icicle of each different is deducing pure fairy tale. And in pearl beach chute, major water can freeze, running water glacial waterfall falls in the illuminate of sunshine, glacial approach is ablaze, running water is like silk, make a person good not be charmed.
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