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Ripples of small rain of Chu Qiujiu stockaded village
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(1) go up in the road

Qiu Yu closes cold. Autumn meaning sparse.

In the morning of this Chu Qiu, our jolt is in dish of hill road on, cross between elegant Min river river valley. Below the sky of An ash, group hill compares a shoulder, affectionately is linked together, the Min river that flying snow of a thousand li in impression uses up smile is silk ribbon of lubricious silk of an An orchid only actually, fine delay and calm, narrow point mountain stream answers annulus, sharp point mediate is dark emerge. Hill situation swift and fierce, if float smoke is knitted, cold hill is sad green jade.

Autumn water grows a day, water flows along with hill, hill is moved along with the person.

At first I, be indifferent lean close in continuous hill color, listening attentively to each inches of its breath. However Chengdu comes 9 stockaded village distance of 13 hours do not half, already was tiredness blast. Just dare not sleep, hope cliff is enough downward. One car did not become aware all right commodious, two cars compare a shoulder more want extremely caution. My look is in with respect to such vacillate those who esteem hill is gallant with straightforward and abrupt heart Jing in. Car however still high speed, when turning very canorous cries flute, finish perfect 360 radian in everybody's amazed. Come all right all the way, enter loose Pan eventually, the mood also gradually answer quiet.

Ancient town is lonesome, it is old times about dimly. The ancient city gate of loose city still also is imposing is over there, the refute of refute of class of smooth shadow class of ages ago time … street both sides is two woodiness structure house more, a little dilapidated also. After entering Tibetan area, bask in on the frame in the Tibetan's compound full commissariat, be highland barley, weak Huang Cheng piles, have warm feeling. ……

When nearly 5 when, che Zhishan cling to temple, “ plunges into Germany to strap ” , heart gradually halcyon. Wrapping around when maize hada comes out, night is dip of a piece of “ already oily paper ” . Group the outline of hill is faint come down, 4 look consistent, it is not to have the night of border. Confused during, smell the flavour of candlelight, pitch-dark still can be outside car window, just discover this is a derv car later.

At 9 o'clock, arrived eventually channel mouth guesthouse, can rest eventually rested. This momently, want to hold pillow in the arms only and Mian, soporous.

(In the center of 2) water

Half night knows Qiu Yu.

When setting out, the concealed in the day of dusky is worn filar silk is bright white, but rain, falling all the time. Since the tourist guide says this will be June she encounters such wet the 2nd times. Can't help some are dim.

Rain outside “ channel, snow in channel. ” we had had sufficient clothing and rain gear, wait to reveal the small sign of that small rain of 9 stockaded village gently only.
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