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Passion wanders big 9 stockaded village
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Big of ” of line of link of travel of 9 stockaded village put forward, the beautiful beautiful scenery in letting those be just as pearl to scatter in heavy Shan Junling commonly is sent, by our rediscovery. Gold big holiday, might as well drive get on oneself love car, go searching these ever by us casual the classic of a nature that forget or is negligence, the shock that goes exploring a kind of spirit and purify. Before National Day, the reporter follows technically the collect folk songs that car of the 5th international exhibits Chengdu is round, the “ that is you personally is big the brigade visit district of ” of 9 stockaded village.

If Er builds Jing the lofty spirit of a nation

The first day when set out perhaps will become me in lifetime most the the alarmingly dangerous, most exciting, most helter-skelter, a the most unforgettable also day.

In the morning 9:30, motorcade is punctual set out. Walk out of depressing basin, along Min nek Gu Qian goes, below the sky of extensive azure blue, aureate in relief illumination gets person warm complacently, whole heart caper rises, cannot help wanting to sing. Stockaded village of the Qiang Diao of roadside, Tibet and the girl that wearing ethical dress, child, added for magnificent gorge sight another affection is sent, the buckwheat on the hillside has become yellow, , be like the Yun Duo that has waved on the hillside. Arrive all the time afternoon at 5 o'clock, our car just leaves plain advocate temple, from here, our car begins to advance to the lid that be like Er, even blacktop became bumpy macadam, everybody's interest was done not have however abate, road along the travel before a brook is winding, the tree on both sides hill has become yellow, erubescent, the brim of hill is the Yun Duo of La La's sky and white, go forth again, colour of sky gradually be caught yellow, gules, purple, extremely beautiful.

Day slowly black, the route goes harder and harder also, it is eventually after an acuteness jolt, we did not overcome the tyre of the car to explode, and the person of the same trade's car also wandered away. We are forced to get off will start work change an embryo, open door, a cold wind comes over, all round inky one, hush is gotten fearsome. Differ meeting, everybody with a rustle must be quivered by aspic, the air temperature at that time had gone to 0 degrees the following. We do not have the lamp, also do not have flashlight, the job that change an embryo is forced to fumble in darkness, have no alternative under, the screen that misses reinstate number watch for an opportunity unexpectedly comes illume, borrowing so faint ray, rate of progress is slower of course. In such hollowness wild in, in the heart of everybody a little apprehensive, after a hurry-scurry, tyre has been changed eventually, also loosened eventually in the heart at a heat. Casual raise a head to come, just discover us unexpectedly within an inch of missed the picture with one the most beautiful act, the stars that be all over the sky is glisten in the sky, leaving us is such close, seem to stretch one's hand can reach, often the shooting star has delimited tent, stay grow long tail. Resemble the Big Dipper like ladle, ablaze phosphor, still have broad the Milky Way, formed together most the starlight highway of bright, such beautiful scenery cannot see forever in the city, let us forget chill almost. Before getting on a car, go, a moon that shines again greatly again is extended beside case, everybody cry in fear rises, in the place that does not give 200 meters, on the hillside of roadside, two wolves use alertness and chill look is staring at us, car Lilimaan is static come down. Left the line of sight of the wolf, everybody ability fear after the event, if “ sees a wolf first, we are to will never get off change an embryo, aux would rather on board pass the night. ” all the way after jolt, another tyre gave an issue again, be about in everybody complete despair when, the car in front be less than us, had turned round to come. See reinforcements, on the car one cheers, in the cross-country car that before the person of whole vehicle must be squeezed, we come to help, potted like pilchard, when getting off, whole person be tired out. That day at night, when we reach destination entirely, had been midnight at 2 o'clock. The water sky of the Yellow River comes the following day, what we should go is 9 famous Yellow Rivers the first turn. Gave a town, the car is in the capacious lid that be like Er advances on the prairie, there was not the beautiful scenery that see in fluster yesterday, just begin to be savoured carefully today. The prairie of a green still is before half month, now have been golden, appearing mature beauty, group of the flocks and herds on the prairie, white Yang Qun is on the hillside, the foot of a hill is black yak. Before the tent of a Tibetan, master family is surrounded sit on the meadow to play leisurely, allegedly, here rich other people, have yak one, 200, sheep 5, 600, and not buying and selling, he is enjoyed or just use trade. Lead to the Yellow River formerly from the Gai Cao that be like Er the roadbed that the road of the first turn is spreading blacktop, but road condition has been compared yesterday a lot of, enter Tang Ke rural area, the Tibetan stockaded village that depend on hill and builds, multicoloured with the wind the classics long narrow flag of flutter, and turn oldly to let a person feel kind and clinking via the canister. The motorcade that wandered away yesterday eventually confluent, everybody communication has the scene after fastening, be like overnight even if separate an era. Their car went tile to cut, although also experienced stray, car to do not have oily problem, but unexpectedly a fault on the right side, saw grand tower forest, had delicate Yellow River fish.
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