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Alone travel plain northwest feels 4 kinds
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Color amounts to the mood

The Chengdu September, overcast and rainy is unbroken, I am in the early morning that fills a nip in the air, in inferior east “ moves toward highland, in the singing that moves toward sunshine ” , step to walk into plain northwest overflows long way downily.

Manager county, plain of short of Wenshui River, had sailed bright beauty spot of Mi Yaluo red autumnal leaves, had turned over arduous Zhe mountain pass, ma Erkang of town of military importance of Ye Suchuan northwest, experience rainstorm, cave in, slungshot, ever witnessed from the back hang “ pleasant a variety of hardships and dangers that the cross-country car of E” is immersed in mud-rock flow, the long-distance and bumpy —— through two days late night 11 when, color is amounted to appear it is before. After beautiful place always wants to experience an innumerable trials and hardships in you, ability sees.

Color is amounted to as before, quiet in that way still and mystery is beautiful, friend as before, live toughly still on this land. The Bai Dazhuang of city edge is guarding this land severely, each pass the car of the county, want to circle tower circuit to just can go into town, in order to show the trace of respect and pray blessing. Have the pass by car of Qinghai, because do not know place consuetudinary, stopped a car to wait in roadside, eventually when us, look at us how to go, just put a person's mind to circle tower circuit absolutely dirt and go.

Once was in absolutely early early morning, expect is by white tower, the believer both hands that sees pilgrimage adds up to a palm to begin the knock of go round and round to do obeisance to, make I feel devotional power.

The friends that color amounts to are the arrival that welcomes me, tent was put up on the prairie, they call “ to make fun of dam child ” . Sunshine is bright that day, had watched masterly horsemanship show, in Kang Ba's person's vigorous and firm toast song, “ banquet ” began formally, entree is ” of flesh of the sliding weight of a steelyard of “ the sliding weight of a steelyard, the yak flesh of chunk chunk, do not add any condiment, after thoroughlying cook, ripping with the hand eat, do not have faint scent and interest one time. Color amounts to secretary of Liu of county Party committee, more than 20 years ago from the edge is raised to be amounted to to color near Chengdu, did not leave this land again, learned to eat Tibet to feed, wear Tibetan outfit, ground of cautious and conscientious from most basic level is made, witnessed the change that color amounts to more than 20 years. I think, present way is good went, amount to to color from Chengdu also want two days, those 20 years ago, liu secretary comes home visit one's family, the likelihood is the hard —— that we cannot envisage each person that my admire lives on highland.

Friend comes from distance, the friends on highland took out ten Zhi Luzhou old kiln, it is each individual take turns and me next the guest cheers of this distance drinks: Everybody is to carrying goblet to stand up, the edge walks along an edge to singing the toast song of Tibetan language, wine is touched with finger after be being sung, up, next medium, flick 3, on behalf of Jing Tianjing the ground respects a friend, again quaff. Sing again so jump again, lively all the time to the dusk.
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