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Landscape of winter of beach of pearl of channel of 9 stockaded village (group p
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The Hua Shihai that beach of pearl of channel of 9 stockaded village is located in Sichuan to visit area of scene of channel of 9 stockaded village is downstream the place that 0.5 kilometers control, day criterion channel and south the boundary of day channel, have a gradient gently, overgrow the decharge of all sorts of bush, grow about 100 meters of current to decline through multistage here river valley, torrent is in tilt and a countless drip are splashed on face of uneven beach of lacteal yellow calcify, below sunshine, every bits of bit drip resembles giant the bead bead pearl in scallop, far midstream seeing a river is moving the pearl of one river whiteness. This is pearl beach. Pearl beach altitude 2433 meters, about 160 meters wide, area 95 thousand square metre, it is a huge sector calcium China flows, clear current is in the calcium of buff rapids on China beach have diarrhoea.

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Pearl beach is channel of 9 stockaded village a relatively wide stone beach range in numerous lake, clear lake water flows into through capacious beach face and fall, lake water is in tilt and silver of bead removing bead is splashed on scraggly stone beach face bead, pearl of be similar in shape, the name of pearl beach from this and come. Can generate as if the landscape that pearl hops not to cease day and night, because this paragraph of gorge is the calcium that gradient is 20 degrees fitly,be China region, add feature of poriferous landforms of ” of “ biology karst, size each different, current so far, free beach is rolled out, the block of small hole place of the riverbed that be spread all over, be born to form a cluster all round bunch by tens of thousands drip comes, below sunshine illuminate, glittering and translucent and dazzing, just like full slope full channel is rolling glittering and translucent pearl is general.

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