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Tourist attraction of periphery of channel of 9 stockaded village
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Autonomous prefecture of A dam the Qiang nationality is located in Sichuan to visit northwest department, qinghai-Tibet Platean east upright, adjacent of photograph of north and Qinghai, the Gansu Province, southeast parts on the west as in relief as the Chengdu City, continous city, De Yang city, elegant install border on of autonomous prefecture of city and Gan Zi Tibetian. The climate with A dam complex landform landforms, diversiform city constituted distinctive geographical environment, preserved the resource of other place is already disappeared the content that use plant on a batch of worlds, wait for activation stone like giant panda, dove tree, and the gallant and natural landscape of the quiet, of primitive simplicity that finds hard in industrial civilization.

City churchyard has groove guard of nature of 5 states level: Groove guard of nature of level of state of groove guard of nature of level of state of channel of 9 stockaded village, yellow dragon (above is world nature two respectively at the same time green of groove guard of biosphere of bequest ground, world, “ is round-the-world 21” can develop scenery of class of AAAA of travel groove guard, country continuously scenic spot classify) , lie; 6 provincial sceneries scenic spot area: Scenery of channel of dragon of black water card scenic spot scenery of red autumnal leaves of Mi Yaluo of area, manage county scenic spot channel of Song Ping of area, luxuriant county - scenery of the lake that fold a brook scenic spot plain of area, short of Wenshui River 3 rivers scenery scenic spot area, . Nowadays, big 9 stockaded village, llano, giant panda 3 old brands had made a name China and foreign countries, the world natural heritage that A dam city is making be worthy of the name and zoology travel are optimal culture of destination of travel of zoology of destination, giant panda, history Tibetan Qiang and travel of ethical amorous feelings bet destination of travel of culture of one who treats sb to a meal and history of Red Army long march. Magical A dam, the Eden that individual character experiences!

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