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Group plan: Establishment of environmental protection of channel of 9 stockaded
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In our impression, administrative field is changed in the environmental protection of scene area and human nature, do best, should belong to channel of 9 stockaded village. In channel of 9 stockaded village a day, we did not see a piece of scrip that throws in disorder on the ground, did not see a cigarette end, did not see the rubbish that threw in disorder.

Just arrived channel of 9 stockaded village, tourist guide young lady is in after causing greeting decline, the first word asks everybody to notice environmental protection namely. Tourist uses the toilet a problem is a big question. Channel of 9 stockaded village is growing the place with the more concentrated tourist such as the sea, lens sea to build had bathroom of 20 environmental protection zoology. Use electronic monitoring, change automatically Bao Jie is used bag, fecal pass after baling automatically, by special cleanness car carry gives scene area to undertake handling. Purchase 8 cars to carry type flow toilet. One-time solve environmental protection, into lavatory, class issue.

To solve pollution of car tail gas, purchase home's at present most advanced environmental protection car. On the foundation of environmental protection, pay attention to sightseeing, comfortable requirement more. On person travel a plank road built along a cliff, we often can see a few sapling is worn and pass. Channel of 9 stockaded village protects tree as far as possible not only, and a plank road built along a cliff is laid of built on stilts, protected the brushwood below and vegetation.

Exterior of dining-room of Nuo day man retained the structure style that hides Qiang civilian house completely, supply type of Chinese style, Tibet and Western-style food respectively. Dining-room will implement environmental protection concept completely, outside carrying be cleaned outside past channel entirely except tableware, food vegetables also will be deserved to send a center to offer by what build technically outside channel. The management of area of scene of channel of 9 stockaded village reflects human consideration everywhere. Build ten part steel to wear structural tourist to rest hall, collect sightseeing, rest, shop (be restricted beverage, dry miscellaneous food) at an organic whole, every rest hall can be accommodated 50 to 100 people. 7 place laid waits in panda sea, multicoloured pool, long sea path of v/arc broker's storehouse of person of laid of nearly 20 kilometers, realize person car billabong truly. Of a plank road built along a cliff add and broaden, assured the safety of “ travel ” not only, and make the tourist can view and admire landscape from many angle.

Environmental protection car

Environmental protection toilet, what make a person touch more is, for managing with water, the staff member is water outfit in bottle, after using the toilet, the staff member develops a hand for you with the water in bottle.
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