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Zi of A cloth Lu stores food- - channel of 9 stockaded village stores food
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Live in terrestrial elfland the Tibetian of Tibetian brethren believe in of channel of 9 stockaded village is primitive religion------Yong Zhong benzene teachs, this teaching advocates everythings on earth has clever, pay attention to person and natural harmonious and organic connection, the influence of culture of this traditional to channel of 9 stockaded village food also not exceptional. The green zoology home that the food Tibetan type here is depending on nature to bestow, the history was formed in long time and space long. The 9 camp that have distinguishing feature extremely hide eat culture.

Zi of A cloth Lu stores foodBe located in commerce of China of ” of channel of 9 stockaded village to lie fallow the street side the say edge of ” of the 4th street. This Tibet eat inheritance ability of secret of ancient culinary art Tibetan food, collect “ protects Tibetan vegetable, the gust such as palace dish ” is an organic whole, cooking ability law abides by cure of ” Tibetan food to feed with the source, the medicinal food is the same as the theory of labour ” , everything comes from raw material mainland is moved. Plant resource. Outstanding pursuit is natural interest, solid and not China, former juice raw ingredient, be like: ? of ∮ bud Yu chooses yak flesh surely, hide goat flesh, hide flesh of sweet pig essence, do not allow in proper order to fill absolutely. Plant many kinds choose season hill potherb, a string of 1 Shang Bi stores chicken with mainland, in order to last beautiful, its dressing uses snow region highland surely precious raw material, warp density is made and become. Among them curry kind condiment must be purchased from India and come, not usable defective goods is replaced. . . . . . Of course, this Tibet eat integral environment nature is of Tibetan type.

As global come round the guest that channel of 9 stockaded village goes sightseeing increasingly grow in quantity, zi of A cloth Lu will store food before Muming friend in an endless stream, after absolutely beautiful natural view was being appreciated in the travel of the 9 stockaded village in you, did not forget to come Zi of A cloth Lu stores food sample the authentic Tibet food that cooks meticulously, in highland barley wine. The listen respectfully in the boundless aftertaste of ghee tea proposes a toast enthusiasticly folk song and a long time ago former zoology are sung and played, be in imperceptible in you already blended in of primitive simplicity and the … in primitive ethical culture atmosphere…

Hide address:  of lossen soil with a hoe when murder talk in one's sleep?1 ridgepole phone: 13568783012 0837-8897714
Consume on average: 80-150 yuan / person (send Tibetan black tea one crock) the guest contains an amount: 40 people
Eat confidential dish: A Mom does potato to get online freely
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