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Characteristic commodity- - chicken of the bulb of fritillary
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The bulb of fritillary is the ” of “ house distinguished family in officinal plant, channel of 9 stockaded village contains tendril-leaved fritillary bulb and dark violet the bulb of fritillary two kinds. Its sex flavour suffers from pleasant, cool mouth, can clear lung comes loose knot, relieve a cough, can treat spit the disease such as Wei of knot of gloomy of haemoptysis, breadth of mind, lung, swollen carbuncle. When the hen that make a surname, wool goes reaching after killing chicken splanchnic, abluent, boil in boiled water boiler go hematic water is scooped, reoccupy rinses the boat as fortified building. Cross bathe of the bulb of fritillary next, with one aluminium boiler or sanded canister install water 1.5 kilograms, put chicken, issue a few of yellow rice or millet wine and the bulb of fritillary at the same time, with flourishing baked wheaten cake leaves after the lid is tight, next small fire stews two hours to be become namely.

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