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Characteristic commodity- - yam cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste
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Yam weighs potato again, produce South America formerly install a mountainous area, after Columbus discovers the New World-the Americas, bring back Europe by Spaish. Begin European think it is poisonous, help advance somebody's career as the beautiful flowers and grass only view and admire, and still took a name that make the person is heard and gives birth to Wei to it----” of “ demon apple. Later European happening famine, one is called the French apothecary that Faermeng cuts, on one hand oneself are cultivated personally, edible potato, still write an article to give the introduction, invite the cate party that he uses celebrity gent to be made tomato patch, do not live as a kind of idle from now on tomato patch and by European accept generally. Channel of 9 stockaded village hides the yam glutinous rice cake that afterbirth makes, it is namely what be cook of main raw material with potato is prandial. When making, thoroughly cook potato first, decorticate, beat in special appliance next pound, make become agglutinant very strong Tian does mash, agglomerate shape is cut to boil pickled Chinese cabbage when edible become namely inside soup. Eat Shi Zaigen to occupy everywhere taste puts refined salt, red oily chili or partner with honey, fry soya bean face to wait, flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich.

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