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Hide brief introduction of Qiang culture groove guard
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Scene area position: Lake of pleasant of county of channel of 9 stockaded village

Cover an area of an area: 1500 mus

This area fastens hinterland of Min mountain mountain range, according to history record, king parent goes first ancestor of the Chinese nation on the west on the west the sea and so far multiply, phlogistic, Huang Erdi all fastens this, it is descendants of an ancient name for China searchs a root to ask ancestor bethel; In addition, tang Chaochu year, dry cloth of Cang Wangsong assist and Yu Songpan of battle of big Tang Ji, its are legionary pool of immortal of classics large collection, Gan Haizi reachs loose city (loosen today Pan county) form ancient battalion on the way dish, town, stay many and vestigial. Groove guard combines view of pleasant lake wet ground, in order to disentomb, arrange, the concept that collect renews soft support here Gu Cheng of Gan Bujia luxuriant (Jia Bo: The idea that conceals ” of language “ king) the establishment that etc has culture intention greatly, reveal mysterious and seductive culture Tibetan Qiang and civilization of China first ancestor to common people, offer one each amusement to the tourist from the happy, recreational place that loosens body and mind. This project cent is soft support to do cloth armour growing in abundance two parts of ancient city and village of culture of folk-custom Tibetan Qiang.

Picture of watchtower of the Qiang nationality

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