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Watchtower of the Qiang nationality
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According to the cultural relic census inside autonomous prefecture of the Qiang nationality of Tibetian of Sichuan A dam: Entire administrative division in 13 counties, divide red the former, lid that be like Er, Na Ping outside 3 counties, 10 counties have other watchtower, blame with Maerkang, short of Wenshui River, manage luxuriant 4 counties are in the majority. There are 3 counties to be area of inhabit a region of the Qiang nationality in 4 counties, accordingly, odd go up from the amount and character, watchtower of the Qiang nationality is the watchtower inside A dam city undoubtedly most centralized area.

About the generation of watchtower, have 3 kinds of point of views: Think firstly, chinese Qiang two a group of things with common features hand in in Min Jiang He collect, culture is inimical produce a battle, watchtower is warlike child; Think secondly, watchtower is Qiang person uses sacred structure; Another kind of viewpoint says, chinese generation has not come Qiang person to Min river river valley previously, over there aboriginal already had the history that builds watchtower. “ before 2000, " book of the later Han dynasty. Southwest exterminate is passed " Ran Ren ‘ of the description stops according to hill house, base stone is room, tall person the ‘ to ’ of more than 10 a unit of length Qiong basket ’ , namely today Qiang language, the meaning ” of watchtower. (" history of the Qiang nationality " )

Picture of watchtower of the Qiang nationality

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