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Little knowledge of the Qiang nationality - religion of the Qiang nationality
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The Qiang nationality, ancient call Xi Rong goatherd, it is one of Chinese southwest minority. The earliest character account only then see Yu Yan ruins (the capital with acting business weighs abundant. Destroy for week place after. Along with gradually desolate, weigh Yin Dynasty ruins so) inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty.
Person of Stone Age Qiang haunt at Qinghai-Tibet Platean. Research thinks the builder the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of day of summer of dynasty of the first slavery of Chinese is Qiang person. " history write down - 6 countries chronological table " also say: "The reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty gives birth to Yu Xiqiang. "Army of Qiang of period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty begins to swarm into Central Plains area, produce positive effect to Central Plains culture. Chinese generation basically lives in Gansu on the west (Gansu Province the eastpart part) , mountain of Shan Beilu of river Huang region, Kunlun, green (ancient time is right the Pamirs and Shanxi of Kunlun mountain sky paragraph area of mountain of green of a general designation) with Sichuan is being reached on the west western. Tang Dynasty built two daughters nation, hiding pond of boreal highland Qiang respectively, with area of Tibetan Dong Changdou and Sichuan Gan Zi western. The Song Dynasty built nation of the Western Xia regime of acting Qiang person (1038-1227 of the Christian era) main administer the partial area of northwest of today's Ningxia, North Shaanxi, Gansu Province and Qinghai Inner Mongolia.

Picture of watchtower of the Qiang nationality

At present the Qiang nationality basically distributings to be taken in Gansu Province, Qinghai, Sichuan. In Sichuan, the Qiang nationality basically distributings to save autonomous prefecture of Tibetian of dam of northwest ministry A, the Qiang nationality in Sichuan what belong to county of county of plain of luxuriant county, short of Wenshui River, manage, black water area of loose Pan and other places.

Qiang because region is vast, live dispersive, gao Banshan and great disparity of river dam condition, accordingly, work way each different, be like farmland, mostly the place uses 2 oxen to carry carry, some is used alone ox, threshing basically uses connecting rod, crop of the tenth lunar month is reaped with hook, ground of open up wasteland uses a needle v hoe, sow, weed to use melon rice mostly v hoe. Labor tool is numerous, basically have: ? ploughshare, wear a car, wear a strap, v hoe knife, the windmill, connecting rod, hoe.

Man happy event chases. Hill takes firelock on, knife, a rope of plaited plants burnt as a mosquito repellent, the skin makes ammo bag, the hunting dog is counted. Animal of be out of office needs the road of classics is in, install crossbow knife the head cultivating lever that controls in 10 centimeter, how is arc on ferrule, divertimento prey.
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