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Precious historical culture bequest - Qiang Diao
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Those who build is masterly craft

Of Qiang Diao build must craft is masterly, it is hotshot of connoisseur of ancient architectural of the Qiang nationality, it is high structure technician, it is now talent of and so on of the engineer of appellation, expert.
The Diao of defence sex battle that Qiang Diao is archaic war and information contact are nodded, according to defending strategic tactics and layout of landform landforms characteristic are built. Of Qiang Diao build have 4 big characteristics: 1, use landform the general configuration of the earth's surface; 2, use local materials saves labor; 3, essence is versed in spy is built all the year round; 4, solid is fast and aseismatic the gender is good.

Make full use of landform landforms. Decide the strategic tactics position of defence battle Diao above all. Archaic war basically uses bow, bolo, pike. In dagger lance times, the Diao that use Qiang fights prevent defence works, to strategic defence, tactics is abiding, can accomplish one husband of “ to should close, 10 thousand husbands not open ” . Diao is built in river valley of Qiang stockaded village, guard reachs since, protect the action of the portal; In ridge of Qiang stockaded village, qiang stockaded village all around, center of Qiang stockaded village builds Diao to be able to have security of guard Qiang stockaded village, guard the strategy to direct central purpose.

Picture of watchtower of the Qiang nationality

Use local materials saves labor. Of Qiang Diao advocate stop housing materials is a stone, 2 it is Huang Ni, 3 it is timber. General Qiang stockaded village is built in hillside upland, have over there take an exhaustless stone and yellow clay very much, diao of Qiang of build and repair of use local materials, can save a large number of labor. Ancient time works rely on a shoulder to carry a back to grind, without advanced carriage tool. Build numerous grand of Qiang Diao project, if want to carry from far back material is built,be impossible, above all manpower material resources is limited, diao of a few Qiang is being built in stockaded village of a Qiang is very difficult. When ancient time repairs Qiang Diao, to encourage Qiang civilian initiative obligation works, exert oneself more, always carry carry on the back Huang Ni, piece watchtower top reachs on stone, reward a ripe pork each, cake of area of a wheat, can infer at that time of Qiang civilian destitute and load. Accordingly, use local materials builds the one large dominant position that Qiang Diao is Qiang civilian.

Essence of life is versed in spy is built all the year round. Qiang Diao is apart from today can erect more than 2000 years, it is the mankind's architectonic miracle. Build Diao, should have chosen hard blueness above all piece stone, corrode of won't efflorescent dip, want to use hammer forge to an irregular stone, knock go incomplete face, a Shi Zhi that becomes with every build by laying bricks or stones piece be apart from, span aperture and Huang Ni are harmonic and dense degree (harmonic frequency should be amounted to 349 times, spend with fine density, felt the strongest had better) , can with piece stone felt - body, do not be afraid of insolation drench, snow of hardships of a journey or of one's life freezes. To Qiang Diao wall radical must be dug to have hard rock. Right body of wall radical, wall wants nicety to calculate, below the guidance of technician, cannot put in disorder a stone, stick yellow mud of one mud palm in disorder. Operating rules is every had built, want to put a year, wall body is like in a year in good condition, do not have piece Shi Qi falls, did not gather Huang Ni is eroded by rainstorm, build a project to just calculate qualification, build one year, inside every attic all around crossbar is propped up, make solid of its proper motion firm, crossbar crisscross becomes radiation state, 12 tall Diao, want to repair 12 years. Repaired Qiang Diao is much, build by annual ring, accomplish not delay one's work not by accident when, whole finishs on time. Wide top is narrow by Qiang Diao, metope by below consummate tilt upcountry gradually, form powerful afferent cohesive affinity, make wall body controls around up and down, 12 arris namely 12 direction semmetry is fixed, each tighten band, form indestructible. The home calls French architecture Qiang Diao is ” of bright phearl of “ east building, really deserve the reputations one enjoys.
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