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Heaven of 9 stockaded village - armour luxuriant Gu Cheng " 51 " begin grandly
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Allan, paean) 9 stockaded village of “ heaven? Armour luxuriant ancient city will begin grandly on May 1 this year! ” on March 7 afternoon, the reporter opens the know on colloquium of city ceremony plan from armour luxuriant ancient city, at present group each are relevant branch intense arrange city ceremony. By concoctive center, news center, modern art the relevant personnel of ministry of center of ministry of facilities of house, museum, estate, sale, commodity in all this seminar that 20 much person attends, in He Dewei of general manager of heaven of 9 stockaded village chair below, the integral program that with respect to Jia Bo Gu Cheng opens city ceremony reachs concerned content each airs his own views, offerred many proposals that have originality quite. “ was formed to make armour luxuriant ancient wall into the consensus of ’” of ‘ Sichuan Li Jiang on the meeting.
Be located in lake of pleasant of heaven of 9 stockaded village, cover an area of 438 mus armour luxuriant ancient city, because ever was Tang Dynasty,soft support does cloth army battalion dish site and the name takes for all time. Here has hundreds watchtower of whole style Tibetan Qiang, have perfect the museum that shows Tibetan Qiang humanitarian history, the great theater of heaven of 9 stockaded village that has record of world of sprint auspicious Nisi and drama of large and overtime empty singing and dancing " dreamy brigade " , have square of village of boiler of 10 thousand people, still have Guan Zhai hostel of hotel, youth and all sorts of gust shtick are little the street, the Li Jiang of Sichuan edition “ that can weighs to a Tibet was not known in boudoir person Gu Cheng ” . Through builder people one year much creativity laborious is moved with one's shoulder to collar, armour luxuriant ancient city will lift the Jing that cover a head to admire on May 1 appear. To open “ city day this one great celebration does ” more livelily to have general effect ardently more, the person that attend the meeting people the originality that put forward to divide celebration the pace to undertake, namely city of preexistence Chengdu century can exhibit a center newly to open city day ” in order to release “ this one major news is dominant content, hold a ceremony of grand “ warm-up ” , obtain the result that forestall one's opponent by a show of strength; The 2nd pace just is in luxuriant of armour of heaven of 9 stockaded village Gu Cheng holds the root that searchs an ancient name for China with “ , the royal ceremony driving a city that ” of bath phlogistic Huang Guanghui locates for its culture. Everybody still runs from opposite directions the project of activity of performance of the sale fixed position of city ceremony, folk-custom and activity of spot trade sales promotion offerred a lot of specific and feasible proposals.
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